Why you should fix Image Color and Saturation Loss. Prepare for WordPress

Wednesday 18. March 2020

When you shoot the great and colorful images you do out on location, and slightly edit in Lightroom there is color spaces and modes to be concerned about.

After I changed my own personal site to a wordpress site earlier this last year, because of Koken CMS disappeared from the download scene online, I discovered that my uploaded photos was massively reduced in saturation and colors. That surprised me actually, that nowdays in 2020 we have to face this problem still. After googling that problem, I discovered that the WordPress convert my ProRGB photos to a sRGB web coated versions upon loading.

Here you see the impact, one is changed from my ProRGB in Photoshop after export from Lightroom, but you can of course change the output directly from Lr.
(Photo slider with both below)

So to fix the problem, in Ps, go to the Edit > Color Settings and change the profile to North America Web/Internet  and also assign working profile sRGB, then the color changes are visible. You can see the remarkable difference. (Use the Convert to Profile… menu under Edit. I chose Saturation under the Intent sub-menu.)

What to do?

Make sure you export your photos in the sRGB working profile/color space, create unique versions for your web site. Enhance and preview the color photos within the web coated version before upload. As you can see from all my photos, I didnt came aware of this before the other day, So I have to rework and swap all my photos. The galleries from Miami Beach and more, are in fact much more colorful than shown here. 

Update 2021: I deleted my photos and created a new wordpress site, this one. 

Special thanks to my girlfriend Analie for this photo. Taken in Calle Ocho, Miami, 2020.

[s201_bai id=”1″]

Thanks to the WP knowledgebase over at WPbeginner,

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