Light house

Silver horizon

Oslo 10. May 2020.   – The light house is located in Miami, South. I figured out I wanted to create a bright, white photo in the sun, with white sand and structure. A photo that can make you dream you away.

The shadows are in high contrast to the sand, sun and the white building. The challenge is to distance the white areas from each other. For this I think the chose film Adox Silvermax 100 works well. I used a Nikon F100 with a 35 or 50mm lens, I cant remember wich one.


Ekte sommer, direkte blikk

Oslo 22. March 2020.  (Norwegian)  – Bildet er tatt på Corfu, en varm sensommerdag i 2013. Min eldste sønn Nathan poserer villig uten blygsel mens han drikker kald cola på stranden. Bildet er tatt med en Kodak 135 film i et Nikon F80 kamera og 50mm linse. Den ekte og direkte blikkontakt gjør meg glad sammen med de varme fargene.
Det er denne type portretter jeg elsker, når du er tålmodig, blir kjent med den du tar bilde av og du får dem til å vøre seg selv hundre prosent, så synes det godt i holdning, ansiktsmuskler og hele utstrålingen. Varme og farger hjelper selvsagt og.

the Soccer player

Against all odds

Oslo 22. March 2020.   – First out must be the soccer player. I captured this while I walked home a  late autumn evening. Its early dark in Norway when the leafs have fallen off the trees.

This scenery came upon my by sudden, I had adjusted my Hasselblad 500cm (120 film) beforhand, just in case, so I managed to position my self within seconds and adjust my focus quickly. Its like hunting, you have to act on an instinct and just do it, or its gone.

What this image represent for me, or makes me think about, has several layers. Loneliness, the fight against solitude, and courage. This feelings are amplified by the single but bright light pole.

Beach Boy


Taken as a vacation snap in Rayong beach in 2014, my son and his aunti pose and talk about the water, sea and sun in Thailand.