I am a photographer, capturing products, faces, cultural events, concerts, architecture and feature stories.

Based in Oslo, Norway. Able to travel and work all around the world for you.

I´m also a visual poet and artist. Every day is filled with moments that is worth capture, but we do not stop them too often. I do. My background from art studies within colors and shapes help me navigate the cascades of visual impact so I can sort them out. Every day I stop some motion with a camera. I see beauty all around.

go for a swimcaptured at Rayong beach. also available in baryt paper copies hand made.

Contact me if you want one of my captures on your wall.

Phone: +47 404 67 550 | e-mail: thomasjojo@gmail.com

Summer 2015 I won the "Nasjonal Fotovandring - Oslo" contest with this photo;

I do write, here for Jazzinorge.no

See all at http://jazzinorge.no/2014/04/12/god-start-pa-vossa-jazz/

Another text: http://jazzinorge.no/2014/04/07/mats-eilertsens-rubicon/